Our General Stock consists of 3 bases: In-house Stock collection, Supplier Stock collection and Virtual bases.

Compound Collection for Screening contains more than 20 000 readily available synthetic organic compounds that were produced in-house.
When we supply in-stock sample it can be synthesized again and re-supplied in any quantity as all of the chemistry is our own.

We also offer Supplier Stock collection of original compounds produced in research laboratories of our partners.

The selection of compounds for Virtual Base is based on their non-occurrence in other collections and chemical originality of the structure.

Updates and additions to our Stock are made on a regular basis.


Minimal purity of Screening Collection compounds is greater than 90% with a majority purity of 95%. All structures have been confirmed by NMR and MASS spectra. We guarantee absolute correspondence of our chemicals to the given chemical structures. Electronic copies of original spectral data for ordered compounds are available upon request.

SUPPLY FORMATS provided on customerís request

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